Key Features of the range:

  • Sustainable Packaging: All Distillations products come in 100% recyclable packaging, reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint and waste. The packaging is elegantly designed to reflect the luxuriousness of your establishment.
  • Cruelty-Free: All our products are Beauty Without Cruelty certified. We do not test our products on animals, and our ingredients are sourced from suppliers committed to cruelty-free practices. This aligns with the ethical standards of today’s conscious travellers.
  • Refillable Dispensers: We minimise single-use plastic waste by offering refillable 5l bulk for guest bathrooms. Your housekeepers can simply refill the bottles as needed, reducing plastic waste.
  • Sustainable Amenities: Complement the cosmetic range with sustainable amenities like bamboo toothbrushes, paper stem earbuds, and EN13432 (2000) certified bioplastic shower caps, further reducing the environmental impact.
  • Local Partnerships: We have partnered with the Basadi Ladies to assist in making orders, which means your hotel assists local communities with jobs recreation.
  • Energy-Efficient Manufacturing: Distillations products are manufactured in facilities prioritising energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions during production.
  • Certifications: Distillations proudly carry certifications such as Beauty Without Cruelty, FSC, and Proudly South African, reassuring guests of your commitment to responsible hospitality.