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TBAC South Africa has a broad potrtfolio of products free of parabens, mineral oil and sulphates. Our ingredients are of the highest quality, and we stand against animal testing.
We’re proud of a range that evokes myriad moods, from urban energy to indulgent downtime.



The African sun sets the scene for this exhilarating range. With ginger extracts that enrich the skin with anti – oxidants, vitamin B3 and B5. Let the earth meet you through your skin.



The warmth of citrus wraps around a spicy ginger heart, enlivening and invigorating. Terra Firma caresses the senses while nurturing the skin with extracts of African Ginger, the continent’s hero plant.



It’s that instant at the start of every day, when everything is fresh. New. Brimming with possibility. Just So sparks with vitality in a burst of mint and eucalyptus.



It’s tender shoots reaching out of rich soil and the feeling in your heart after rain has fallen on dusty earth. A moment of renewal and reawakening.



Hit ‘go’. African Spa gives a citrus jolt of energy and wellbeing to start the day on a high note.



Take a journey from the earthy origins of Africa’s dawn to the clean lines of modern urban living. Subtle green tea notes hint at sophistication; soothing stillness after a day full of colour.



If blue skies give us room to soar, green grass reminds us of our roots. It’s the grounding we need when our wings have grown tired.



A tribute to the timeless and classic; a nod to the small things in which life’s greatest pleasures lie: a morning sunbeam reaching through a window, warm water bringing life to sleepy senses, the uplifting scent of lemon on freshly showered skin.



It’s that feeling of wellbeing as your shoulders relax under the sun’s gentle warmth, while a sea breeze dances with your senses. It’s the way we feel at our very best when we’re not enclosed by walls, but immersed in nature’s bounty.



A tribute to the African Rain Queen and the blessing of her benevolence. It’s the relief of raindrops splashing on cracked ground; the calm of a deep inhale; the stillness at the end of the day.

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